I’ve lost 10 followers since I stopped updating this blog
y’all are doody heads! here’s a cool doodle for those of you who stayed

I’ve lost 10 followers since I stopped updating this blog

y’all are doody heads! here’s a cool doodle for those of you who stayed


oh yea, i queued a post for my OC ask blog which only has 2 questions left unanswered

so ask any (appropriate) question you’d like if you want to see me draw stuff!

New Ask Blog (other blogs)

I made an ask blog strictly for my OCs

I think I might be done with this blog, so if you enjoy asking me questions and having me respond with drawings check out my OC ask blog, or my doodle blog if you don’t really give a poop about my OCs

If you wanna just ask me questions personally without drawings, then try my  main blog

I’m sorry this blog didn’t last too long, but I’ll still be around! I don’t bite either, so do what you want (unless you want to harass me, then I WILL bite)

also make the oc ask blog you will have 1 follower guaranted here c: (Okay no more spam D:)

I shall make it but I don’t know when I’ll be able to update it yet! I’m still working on the layout

The blogs aren't a job, so you shouln't(? take them seriously.
Well that's something that you should have learned by yourself,but i will take words from a friend that had a Ask blog too he said "The ask-blogs are a double edge weapons,you may begin just for un-stress yourself but if you take it too serious you will begin to stress the double that you was at the begin" have a ask-blog is not a job,in fact is for fun and when you have time if you run a ask blog for a the anothers you will end up begin stressed a lot and it will be unfun for you.

Yea, getting questions faster than you can answer them kinda makes it seem like work at times because you want to please everyone by finishing them…Running an ask blog is very strange ><

Then why you don't make a ask blog about one of your oc's or your crew(i've been watching your main page),that would be awesome,i don't wanna see a good ask blog keeper disappear :c, i will miss a lot your humor (also ignore the moron that bother you D: he might just me a stupid whit a lot of free time)i hope you get back into to the ask-blogs things c: (sorry for the lack of english)

I would like to make an ask blog for my OCs but I have quite a bunch and nobody really seems to care for them…

Some of my asks on this blog were really rushed and I didn’t even like them myself, I just wanted to get questions finished. Sometimes I would really hate the picture I drew but upload it anyway because I couldn’t think of anything else at the time.

With school right now, I’m barely online as it is, so I don’t know when I’ll be working on any ask blogs at the moment, if at all.

Thank you for being such a cool kid though c: I’m glad you could say such nice things to me

please don't end this blog ;_;, you have made my days so many times,i've following you since the very begin,you were one of my favorites touhou ask blogs ;_;

I haven’t really posted in like at least a month…

Over the years, touhou sorta started getting less and less interesting to me and it didn’t help when someone started anonymously sexually harassing me on this account…

I have a personal art blog but that’s not really the same… I could try maybe updating once in a while? I don’t know. I’m glad you really liked my blog though c: That really is such a nice compliment

I might be done with this blog

gomen u o u Touhou isn’t that cool to me anymore